Blood Brothers Cards


Highest single target potential familiars

Tanba, Founder of the Ninja II157201 ( 3 x 52400 )
Denki the Raven II132838 ( 2 x 66419 )
Hollofernyiges II127058 ( 3 x 42353 )
Premyslid, the Black King II120141 ( 4 x 30035 )
Pontifex Antiquus II115737 ( 3 x 38579 )
Vivian Griffinrider II112461 ( 3 x 37487 )
The Black Brute111550 ( 1 x 111550 )
Doppeladler II111375 ( 3 x 37125 )
Hel, Goddess of Death II108342 ( 3 x 36114 )
Cursebone Pterosaur II102782 ( 4 x 25696 )
Rasiel, Angel All-Knowing II102333 ( 5 x 20467 )
Haokah, the Lightning Brave II101301 ( 3 x 33767 )
Infested Peryton II97138 ( 3 x 32379 )
Gathgoic the Other II96919 ( 6 x 16153 )
Kangana, the Maelstrom II93750 ( 2 x 46875 )
Marchosias, Pit Beast II89117 ( 4 x 22279 )
Fomor the Savage II87871 ( 2 x 43936 )
Alluring Merrow II87685 ( 2 x 43843 )
Hraesvelg, Corpse Feaster II87360 ( 5 x 17472 )
Takshaka, Serpent King II87018 ( 3 x 29006 )
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Highest AOE potential familiars

Rovn, the Brass Panzer II171774 ( 5 x 34355 )
Cap'n Jolly, Sea Scourge II170604 ( 5 x 34121 )
Garuda II158140 ( 5 x 31628 )
Tanba, Founder of the Ninja II157201 ( 3 x 52400 )
Amon, Marquis of Blaze II148610 ( 5 x 29722 )
Two-Headed Stormwyrm II144892 ( 5 x 28978 )
Managarmr Frost Touch II138866 ( 5 x 27773 )
The Golden Lance136802 ( 5 x 27360 )
Sekhmet Aflame II135977 ( 5 x 27195 )
Sir Brandiles, the Flameblade II135750 ( 5 x 27150 )
Mari the Witch133700 ( 5 x 26740 )
Denki the Raven II132838 ( 2 x 66419 )
Grim Executioner II130254 ( 5 x 26051 )
Hollofernyiges II127058 ( 3 x 42353 )
Tangata Manu124800 ( 5 x 24960 )
Dharva Fangclad II123414 ( 5 x 24683 )
Vezat, Dragonbone Warrior II122614 ( 5 x 24523 )
Steamwork Dragon122400 ( 5 x 24480 )
Ymir, Primordial Giant II121770 ( 3 x 40590 )
Tristan the Sorrowful II121448 ( 5 x 24290 )

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Disclaimer: This website ranks familiars based off of 'potential' not actual damage dealt in game. This potential assumes perfect offensive conditions( front row to front row attacks, all front row formations ) and does not take into account damage reduction from wisdom or defense. Use this as a resource to rank the damage of familiar's skills vs others and do not expect to do this much damage in game.

A-Oh, Guardian
A-Oh, Guardian II
Adara Luck Shot
Adara Luck Shot II
Adara the Wanted
Adara the Wanted II
Adonis the Bard
Adonis the Bard II
Adonis the Poet
Adonis the Poet II
Aegis, the Bulwark
Aello, the Storm Wind
Aello, the Storm Wind II
Agatha, Shotgunner
Agatha, Shotgunner II
Agatha Rumbleshot
Agatha Rumbleshot II
Agatha Rumbleshot II
Agatha Rumbleshot II
Agrias, Vengeful Knight
Agrias, Vengeful Knight II
Agrias, Walking Dead
Agrias, Walking Dead II
Ainos Blazehammer
Ainos Blazehammer II
Ainos Scaldhammer
Ainos Scaldhammer II
Aleine, Druid
Aleine, Druid II
Aleine the Revelator
Aleine the Revelator II
All-Seeing Keeper
All-Seeing Keeper II
Alluring Merrow
Alluring Merrow II
Almase the Gelid
Almase the Gelid II
Almase the Icescaled
Almase the Icescaled II
Alph, Bounty Hunter Lord
Alph, Bounty Hunter Lord II
Alph, Desert Bounty Hunter
Alph, Desert Bounty Hunter II
Amazon Pugilist
Amazon Pugilist II
Amazon Warfist
Amazon Warfist II
Amon, Marquis of Blaze
Amon, Marquis of Blaze II
Amphisbaena II
Anansesem II
Anansi II
Andorra the Indomitable
Andorra the Indomitable II
Andorra the Warrior
Andorra the Warrior II
Andvari, Gem Knight
Andvari, Gem Knight II
Andvari, the Brass Knight
Andvari, the Brass Knight II
Anne, Pirate Navigator
Anne, Pirate Navigator II
Anne, the Whirlwind
Anne, the Whirlwind II
Antiope, Amazon
Antiope, Amazon II
Antiope of the Axe
Antiope of the Axe II
Anzu II
Ape Berserker
Ape Berserker +
Ape Berserker II
Ape Berserker II +
Ape Scout
Ape Scout +
Ape Scout II
Ape Scout II +
Apocalyptic Beast
Apocalyptic Beast II
Arachnaea the Divine
Arachnaea the Divine II
Arachne II
Archduke Ose
Archduke Ose II
Archeologist +
Archeologist II
Archeologist II +
Argos II
Ariel, Archmagus
Ariel, Archmagus II
Ariel, Spirit of Air
Ariel, Spirit of Air II
Armored Unicorn
Armored Unicorn II
Artemisia, Knight Gallant
Artemisia, Knight Gallant II
Artemisia Swiftfoot
Artemisia Swiftfoot II
Ashigaru +
Ashigaru Commander
Ashigaru Commander +
Ashigaru Commander II
Ashigaru Commander II +
Ashigaru II
Ashigaru II +
Astaroth, Duke of Fear
Astaroth, Duke of Fear II
Astaroth II
Attis, Charioteer
Attis, Charioteer II
Attis the Amazonite Warrior
Attis the Amazonite Warrior II
Baal, Thunder Lord of Hell
Baal, Thunder Lord of Hell II
Babo, Elite Mercenary
Babo, Elite Mercenary II
Babo the Cruel
Babo the Cruel II
Babyface Wrestler
Babyface Wrestler +
Babyface Wrestler II
Babyface Wrestler II +
Bad Dream Egg
Badrigo, Crystal Swordsman
Badrigo, Crystal Swordsman II
Badrigo the Diamond Sword
Badrigo the Diamond Sword II
Baego, Red Drake
Baego, White Drake
Bai-Hu, the Thunderbolt
Bai-Hu, the Thunderbolt II
Bai-Hu II
Baklus, Poacher
Baklus, Poacher II
Baklus of Viper Armor
Baklus of Viper Armor II
Banshee II
Barbarossa +
Basilisk +
Basilisk II
Basilisk II +
Bat Demon
Bat Demon II
Batraz, the Immortal Hero
Batraz, the Immortal Hero II
Battle Ninja
Battle Ninja +
Battle Ninja II
Battle Ninja II +
Bayard, Infernal Steed
Bayard, Infernal Steed II
Bayard, the Flame Mane
Bayard, the Flame Mane II
Befouled Bicorne
Befouled Bicorne II
Beguiling Succubus
Beguiling Succubus II
Beheading Scarecrow
Beheading Scarecrow II
Behemoth, Thunder Beast
Behemoth, Thunder Beast II
Behemoth II
Belavus, the Judgment
Beowulf Dragonslayer
Beowulf Dragonslayer II
Beowulf II
Bewitching Deviltree
Bewitching Deviltree II
Biast II
Bicorne +
Bicorne II
Bicorne II +
Bifrons, Earl of Hell
Bifrons, Earl of Hell II
Bifrons, the Fallen Earl
Bifrons, the Fallen Earl II
Bighorn Goat
Bighorn Goat II
Bimford, Archeologist
Bimford, Archeologist II
Black Angel
Black Angel II
Black Archangel
Black Archangel II
Black Cat Knight
Black Cat Knight II
Black Knight, Soul Hunter
Black Knight, Soul Hunter II
Black Knight, the Nameless
Black Knight, the Nameless II
Blazing Raiju
Blazing Raiju II
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon II
Bolus, Centaur Warrior
Bolus, Centaur Warrior II
Bolus, the Blue Bolt
Bolus, the Blue Bolt II
Bone Wyvern
Bone Wyvern II
Borivoi, the Black Prince
Borivoi, the Black Prince II
Brago, Shaman
Brago, Shaman II
Brago, Umbra Shaman
Brago, Umbra Shaman II
Bugbear +
Bunga, the Protector
Bunga, the Protector II
Bunga, the Stalwart
Bunga, the Stalwart II
Cadmoth, Dragonslayer
Cadmoth, Dragonslayer II
Cadmoth, Subjugator
Cadmoth, Subjugator II
Camael, Angel of Destruction
Camael, Angel of Destruction II
Camael II
Cap'n Jolly, Sea Scourge
Cap'n Jolly, Sea Scourge II
Captain Golfyn
Captain Golfyn II
Carrion Creeper
Carrion Creeper +
Carrion Creeper II
Carrion Creeper II +
Castor, Guardian
Castor, Guardian II
Castor, High Guardian
Castor, High Guardian II
Cat Sidhe
Cat Sidhe II
Cat Sith's Greater Mage
Cat Sith's Greater Mage II
Cat Sith's Lesser Mage
Cat Sith's Lesser Mage II
Cat Sith Aristocrat
Cat Sith Aristocrat II
Cat Sith Noble
Cat Sith Noble II
Caterina, Whipmaster
Caterina, Whipmaster II
Cath Palug
Cath Palug II
Cath Palug the Bristle
Cath Palug the Bristle II
Catoblepas Groundgazer
Catoblepas Groundgazer II
Catoblepas II
Cave Bear
Cave Bear +
Cave Bear II
Cave Bear II +
Celestial Kirin
Celestial Kirin II
Centidrake +
Centidrake II
Centidrake II +
Cerberus II
Cernunnos II
Chaotic Magma Giant
Chaotic Magma Giant II
Chaotic Satyr
Chaotic Satyr II
Chikagoro, Master Samurai
Chikagoro, Master Samurai II
Chikagoro the Unshakable
Chikagoro the Unshakable II
Chimaera II
Chiyome, Kunoichi
Chiyome, Kunoichi II
Chiyome, the Kamaitachi
Chiyome, the Kamaitachi II
Cinerary Centipede
Cinerary Centipede II
Clay Golem
Clay Golem II
Clay Golem II +
Clockwork Blesmol
Clockwork Blesmol +
Clockwork Blesmol II
Clockwork Blesmol II +
Clockwork Mole
Clockwork Mole +
Clockwork Mole II
Clockwork Mole II +
Cloud Magus
Cloud Magus +
Cloud Magus II
Cloud Magus II +
Cockatrice +
Cockatrice II
Cockatrice II +
Coco, Gorilla Bandit
Coco, Gorilla Bandit Chief
Coco, Gorilla Bandit Chief II
Coco, Gorilla Bandit II
Coin Creep
Coin Creep +
Coin Creep II
Coin Creep II +
Colossus II
Coppelius, Doll Keeper
Coppelius, Doll Keeper +
Coppelius, Doll Keeper II
Coppelius, Doll Keeper II +
Coppelius, Puppeteer
Coppelius, Puppeteer II
Corpse Balloon
Corpse Balloon +
Corpse Balloon II
Corpse Balloon II +
Corpse Rat
Corpse Rat +
Corpse Rat II
Corpse Rat II +
Crimson Roterose
Crimson Roterose II
Crossbowman +
Crossbowman II
Crossbowman II +
Crystal Gillant
Crystal Gillant II
Crystal Golem
Crystal Golem II
Cu Sith, Magehound
Cu Sith, Magehound II
Cu Sith, Mastiff Knight
Cu Sith, Mastiff Knight II
Cu Sith, Watchdog
Cu Sith, Watchdog II
Cu Sith, Watchhound
Cu Sith, Watchhound II
Cuelebre the Ironscaled
Cuelebre the Ironscaled II
Cursebone Pterosaur
Cursebone Pterosaur II
Cyclopean Keeper
Cyclopean Keeper II
Cyclops, the Rocky Cliff
Cyclops, the Rocky Cliff II
Cyclops II
Cyclops Magus
Cyclops Magus II
Danzo, Falcon Ninja
Danzo, Falcon Ninja II
Dark Behemoth
Dark Hrimthurs
Dark Hrimthurs II
Deborah, Knight Immaculate
Deborah, Knight Immaculate II
Denki the Raven
Denki the Raven II
Depraved Satyr
Depraved Satyr II
Desna, Mythic Wendigo
Desna, Mythic Wendigo II
Desna, Wendigo
Desna, Wendigo II
Destrier +
Destrier II
Destrier II +
Deviltree +
Deviltree II
Deviltree II +
Dharva, Wandering Centaur
Dharva, Wandering Centaur II
Dharva, the Shadowmoon
Dharva, the Shadowmoon II
Dharva Fangclad
Dharva Fangclad II
Diamond Guivre
Diamond Guivre II
Diaochan, Staffmaster
Diaochan, Staffmaster II
Diaochan the Bewitching
Diaochan the Bewitching II
Diemberger, Ascendant
Diemberger, Ascendant II
Diemberger, Paladin
Diemberger, Paladin II
Dire Cockatrice
Dire Cockatrice II
Donga, Tiger Rider
Donga, Tiger Rider II
Donga the Exterminator
Donga the Exterminator II
Doppeladler II
Dovin, Bounty Huntress
Dovin, Bounty Huntress II
Dovin, Bounty Mistress
Dovin, Bounty Mistress II
Dragon Egg
Dragon Egg +
Dragon Egg II
Dragon Egg II +
Dragon Whelp
Dragon Whelp II
Dragonian Spearbearer
Dragonian Spearbearer +
Dragonian Spearbearer II
Dragonian Spearbearer II +
Dreameating Tapir
Dreameating Tapir II
Dwarven Axeman
Dwarven Axeman +
Dwarven Axeman II
Dwarven Axeman II +
Dwarven Engineer
Dwarven Engineer +
Dwarven Engineer II
Dwarven Engineer II +
Dwarven Firefighter II
Dwarven Hog Knight
Dwarven Hog Knight II
Dwarven Hog Rider
Dwarven Hog Rider +
Dwarven Hog Rider II
Dwarven Hog Rider II +
Dwarven Mine Worker
Dwarven Mine Worker +
Dwarven Mine Worker II
Dwarven Mine Worker II +
Dwarven Overseer
Dwarven Overseer +
Dwarven Overseer II
Dwarven Overseer II +
Dwarven Steamdozer
Dwarven Steamdozer +
Dwarven Steamdozer II
Dwarven Steamdozer II +
Dwarven Warrior
Dwarven Warrior +
Dwarven Warrior II
Dwarven Warrior II +
Earl Cat Sidhe
Earl Cat Sidhe II
Ebon Dragon
Ebon Dragon II
Edgardo, Grand Inquisitor
Edgardo, Grand Inquisitor II
Edgardo, Templar Captain
Edgardo, Templar Captain II
Elven Archer
Elven Archer +
Elven Archer II
Elven Archer II +
Elven Assassin
Elven Assassin +
Elven Assassin II
Elven Assassin II +
Elven Bandit
Elven Bandit +
Elven Bandit II
Elven Bandit II +
Elven Druid
Elven Druid +
Elven Druid ++
Elven Druid II
Elven Druid II +
Elven Druid II ++
Elven Guard Captain
Elven Guard Captain II
Elven Guardian
Elven Guardian II
Elven Guardsman
Elven Guardsman II
Elven Healer
Elven Healer +
Elven Healer II
Elven Healer II +
Elven High Guardian
Elven High Guardian II
Elven High Mercenary
Elven High Mercenary II
Elven Marksman
Elven Marksman II
Elven Mercenary
Elven Mercenary
Elven Mercenary +
Elven Mercenary II
Elven Mercenary II
Elven Mercenary II +
Elven Poacher
Elven Poacher +
Elven Poacher II
Elven Poacher II +
Elven Priest
Elven Priest ++
Elven Priest II
Elven Priest II ++
Elven Priestess
Elven Priestess +
Elven Priestess II
Elven Priestess II +
Elven Sage
Elven Sage II
Elven Spellmark
Elven Spellmark II
Empusa, Nightmare
Empusa, Nightmare II
Empusa the Alluring
Empusa the Alluring II
Enraged Flame Ogre
Enraged Flame Ogre II
Esmerelda, Tactician
Esmerelda, Tactician II
Esmereldathe Cunning
Esmereldathe Cunning II
Eton, Eater of Darkness
Eton, Eater of Darkness II
Eton, Eater of Entrails
Eton, Eater of Entrails II
Evil Eye
Evil Eye II
Fafnir, Fire Dragon
Fafnir, Fire Dragon II
Farwal the Glutton
Farwal the Glutton II
Farwal the Insatiable
Farwal the Insatiable II
Faunus, Forest Guardian
Faunus, Forest Guardian II
Faunus, Forest Sentinel
Faunus, Forest Sentinel II
Fencer +
Fencer II
Fencer II +
Fenrir II
Fiendish Bat Demon
Fiendish Bat Demon II
Fimbul, the Freezing Sword
Fimbul, the Freezing Sword II
Fimbul Frostclad
Fimbul Frostclad II
Firuch Iceblood
Firuch Iceblood II
Firuch Snowcaller
Firuch Snowcaller II
Flame Dragon
Flame Dragon II
Flame Ogre
Flame Ogre II
Flauros, Duke of Leopards
Flauros, Duke of Leopards II
Flauros, Savage Leopard
Flauros, Savage Leopard II
Flesh Collector Golem
Flesh Collector Golem II
Fomor II
Fomor the Savage
Fomor the Savage II
Freila, Centaur
Freila, Centaur II
Freila the Bountiful
Freila the Bountiful II
Friet, Winter Warlord
Friet, Winter Warlord II
Furfur, Earl of Thunder
Furfur, Earl of Thunder II
Galagos, Dino Hunter
Galagos, Dino Hunter II
Galagos, Giant Ape
Galagos, Giant Ape II
Galahad, Drake Knight
Galahad, Drake Knight II
Galbraith, Dynast-King
Gan Ceann
Gangaruda, Potamus Rider
Gangaruda, Potamus Rider II
Gangaruda the Destroyer
Gangaruda the Destroyer II
Gardin, Caterpillar Whisperer
Gardin, Caterpillar Whisperer +
Gardin, Caterpillar Whisperer II
Gardin, Caterpillar Whisperer II +
Gargoyle II
Garuda II
Gathgoic the Other
Gathgoic the Other II
Gazal, Crystal Archer
Gazal, Crystal Archer II
Gazal the Emerald Arrow
Gazal the Emerald Arrow II
Gazer, the Evil Eye
Gazer, the Evil Eye II
Gazer, the Tyrant's Eye
Gazer, the Tyrant's Eye II
Gazzbar, Spearhunter
Gazzbar, Spearhunter II
Gazzbar, the Porcupine
Gazzbar, the Porcupine II
Gelda, Elf Frostweaver
Gelda, Elf Frostweaver II
Gelda, Elf Magus
Gelda, Elf Magus +
Gelda, Elf Magus II
Gelda, Elf Magus II +
General Dwakkey
General Dwakkey II
Getz Bristlesteel
Getz Bristlesteel II
Getz Steelarm
Getz Steelarm II
Gevi, Crystal Troll Master
Gevi, Crystal Troll Master II
Ghislandi, Iron Heart
Ghislandi, Iron Heart II
Ghislandi, The Iron Wall
Ghislandi, The Iron Wall II
Ghost +
Ghost Caller
Ghost Caller ++
Ghost Caller II
Ghost Caller II ++
Ghost II
Ghost II +
Giant Eagle
Giant Eagle +
Giant Eagle II
Giant Eagle II +
Giant Scorpion
Giant Scorpion +
Giant Scorpion II
Giant Scorpion II +
Giant Worm
Giant Worm +
Giant Worm II
Giant Worm II +
Gilbert, Moth Handler
Gilbert, Moth Handler II
Gillant II
Girtablilu II
Glaistig +
Glaistig II
Glaistig II +
Goblin Bagpiper
Goblin Bagpiper +
Goblin Bagpiper II
Goblin Bagpiper II +
Goblin Bombardier
Goblin Bombardier II
Goblin Cannoneer
Goblin Cannoneer II
Goblin Charger
Goblin Charger +
Goblin Charger II
Goblin Cleric
Goblin Cleric II
Goblin Gambler
Goblin Gambler +
Goblin Gambler II
Goblin Gambler II +
Goblin Gonfalon
Goblin Gonfalon +
Goblin Gonfalon II
Goblin Hero, The Elder
Goblin Hero, The Elder II
Goblin Hero, The Younger
Goblin Hero, The Younger II
Goblin Hornblower
Goblin Hornblower +
Goblin Hornblower II
Goblin Hornblower II +
Goblin King
Goblin King II
Goblin Miner
Goblin Miner +
Goblin Miner II
Goblin Miner II +
Goblin Spikeroller
Goblin Spikeroller +
Goblin Spikeroller II
Goblin Spikeroller II +
Goblin Thief
Goblin Thief +
Goblin Thief ++
Goblin Thief II
Goblin Thief II +
Goblin Thief II ++
Goblin Thug
Goblin Thug +
Goblin Thug II
Goblin Thug II +
Goddep, Mind Breaker
Goddep, Mind Breaker II
Goddep, Mind Seeker
Goddep, Mind Seeker II
Godfinger, Fist of the East
Goemon, Master Thief
Goemon, Master Thief II
Golad the Mighty
Golad the Mighty II
Golem +
Golem II
Golem II +
Golfyn, Ironmask
Golfyn, Ironmask II
Good Dream Egg
Gordon, Imperial Lord
Gorgon II
Gorilla Angler
Gorilla Angler +
Gorilla Angler II
Gorilla Angler II +
Gorilla Gladiator
Gorilla Gladiator +
Gorilla Gladiator II
Gorilla Gladiator II +
Gorilla Huntsman
Gorilla Huntsman +
Gorilla Huntsman II
Gorilla Huntsman II +
Gorlin Gold Helm
Gorlin Gold Helm II
Gorlin the Wanted
Gorlin the Wanted II
Goviel, Hail Knight
Goviel, Hail Knight II
Gracim, Imperial Lord
Granados, Lion King
Granados, Lion King II
Grandor, Giant of Old
Grandor, Giant of Old II
Great Earl Furfur
Great Earl Furfur II
Greedy Gonfalon
Greedy Gonfalon +
Greenshade Glaistig
Greenshade Glaistig II
Gregoire, Acrobat
Gregoire, Acrobat II
Gregoire, Weaponmaster
Gregoire, Weaponmaster II
Grellas Fellstaff
Grellas Fellstaff II
Grendel II
Grendel the Cruel
Grendel the Cruel II
Gretch, Chimaera Mistress
Gretch, Chimaera Mistress II
Griffin II
Griffin Mount
Griffin Mount II
Griflet, Falcon Knight
Grim Executioner
Grim Executioner II
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper II
Gu Huo, the Harpy
Gu Huo, the Harpy II
Gub-Gub, Butcher
Gub-Gub, Butcher II
Guerson, Spark Mage
Guerson, Spark Mage II
Guerson, Thunder Mage
Guerson, Thunder Mage II
Guillaume, Inquisitor
Guillaume, Inquisitor II
Guivre II
Haokah, Thunder Shaman
Haokah, Thunder Shaman II
Haokah, the Darkthunder
Haokah, the Darkthunder II
Haokah, the Lightning Brave
Haokah, the Lightning Brave II
Harpy +
Harpy II
Harpy II +
Harpy Queen
Harpy Queen II
Hathor, Harvest Goddess
Hathor, Harvest Goddess II
Hathor the Doting
Hathor the Doting II
Hatsume II
Hatsume the Mesmerizing
Hatsume the Mesmerizing II
Havers, Treesinger
Havers, Treesinger II
Havers the Jade
Havers the Jade II
Heavy Automaton
Heavy Automaton II
Heavy Footman
Heavy Footman +
Heavy Footman II
Heavy Footman II +
Heavy Lancer
Heavy Lancer +
Heavy Lancer II
Heavy Lancer II +
Heavy Samurai
Heavy Samurai +
Heavy Samurai II
Heavy Samurai II +
Heavy Warrior
Heavy Warrior +
Heavy Warrior II
Heavy Warrior II +
Hector, Ghostslayer
Hector, Ghostslayer +
Hector, Ghostslayer II
Hector, Ghostslayer II +
Hector, Knight Templar
Hector, Knight Templar II
Heel Wrestler
Heel Wrestler +
Heel Wrestler II
Heel Wrestler II +
Heinrich the Bold
Heinrich the Bold II
Hel, Goddess of Death
Hel, Goddess of Death II
Hellfire Anzu
Hellfire Anzu II
Henwas, Elf Archmagus
Henwas, Elf Archmagus II
Henwas, Elf Magus
Henwas, Elf Magus II
Hercinia, Vesper Guide
Hercinia, Vesper Guide II
Hercinia the Blest
Hercinia the Blest II
Hilde, Crystal Charmer
Hilde, Crystal Charmer II
Hilde the Sapphire Talons
Hilde the Sapphire Talons II
Hippelaphe Thrallsong
Hippelaphe Thrallsong II
Hippelaphe Windsong
Hippelaphe Windsong II
Hippogriff II
Hippogriff of Rites
Hippogriff of Rites II
Hobgoblin Bouncer
Hobgoblin Bouncer +
Hobgoblin Bouncer II
Hobgoblin Bouncer II +
Hogni Ruinblade
Hogni Ruinblade II
Hogni the Greedy
Hogni the Greedy II
Hollofernyiges II
Hraesvelg, Corpse Feaster
Hraesvelg, Corpse Feaster II
Hrimthurs, Frost Giant
Hrimthurs, Frost Giant II
Hrimthurs the Blizzard
Hrimthurs the Blizzard II
Hum-Oh, Guardian
Hum-Oh, Guardian II
Humbaba, Wood Ward
Humbaba, Wood Ward II
Humbaba II
Hydra II
Iapetus, Titan Warrior
Iapetus, Titan Warrior II
Iapetus the Earthquake
Iapetus the Earthquake II
Ignis Fatuus
Ignis Fatuus II
Ijiraq, the Glacier
Ijiraq, the Glacier II
Imperial Axeman
Imperial Axeman II
Imperial Beast Master
Imperial Beast Master II
Imperial Cannoneer
Imperial Cannoneer II
Imperial Cavalry
Imperial Cavalry II
Imperial Conjurer
Imperial Conjurer II
Imperial Dog Handler
Imperial Dog Handler +
Imperial Dog Handler II
Imperial Dog Handler II +
Imperial Flayer
Imperial Flayer II
Imperial Halberdier
Imperial Halberdier +
Imperial Halberdier II
Imperial Halberdier II +
Imperial Heavy Axeman
Imperial Heavy Axeman II
Imperial Hound
Imperial Hound II
Imperial Lancer
Imperial Lancer II
Imperial Lasher
Imperial Lasher +
Imperial Lasher II
Imperial Lasher II +
Imperial Mage
Imperial Mage ++
Imperial Mage II
Imperial Mage II ++
Imperial Magus
Imperial Magus II
Imperial Mastiff
Imperial Mastiff +
Imperial Mastiff II
Imperial Mastiff II +
Imperial Musketeer
Imperial Musketeer +
Imperial Musketeer II
Imperial Musketeer II +
Imperial Pistoleer
Imperial Pistoleer II
Imperial Scout
Imperial Scout +
Imperial Scout II
Imperial Scout II +
Imperial Sorceress
Imperial Sorceress +
Imperial Sorceress II
Imperial Sorceress II +
Inferno Magus
Inferno Magus +
Inferno Magus ++
Inferno Magus II
Inferno Magus II +
Inferno Magus II ++
Infested Peryton
Infested Peryton II
Ira, Hypnotic Specter
Ira, Hypnotic Specter II
Ira, Specter
Ira, Specter II
Iron Golem
Iron Golem II
Ironstone Girtablilu
Ironstone Girtablilu II
Iseult the Blonde
Iseult the Blonde II
Iseult the Redeemer
Iseult the Redeemer II
Isumbras, Templar
Isumbras, Templar II
Itztlacoliuhqui II
Izuna, the Beguiling Fox
Izuna, the Beguiling Fox II
Izuna, the Wanderer
Izuna, the Wanderer II
Jame, Prison Breaker
Jame, Prison Breaker II
Jame, the Dastardly Spear
Jame, the Dastardly Spear II
Jase, Prison Breaker
Jase, Prison Breaker II
Jase, the Cruelty Axe
Jase, the Cruelty Axe II
Jeanne, Knight Devout
Jeanne, Knight Devout II
Jeanne, Knight Templar
Jeanne, Knight Templar II
Jester +
Jester ++
Jester II
Jester II +
Jester II ++
Jiang Shi
Jiang Shi +
Jiang Shi II
Jiang Shi II +
Jimba, Fire Juggler
Jimba, Fire Juggler II
Jimba, Scorching Shaman
Jimba, Scorching Shaman II
Jinx-eye Dragon
Jinx-eye Dragon II
Jire, Sylvan Hunter
Jire, Sylvan Hunter II
Jire the Rapturous
Jire the Rapturous II
Kagekiyo, Shogun
Kagekiyo, Shogun II
Kagemaru, Master Ninja
Kagemaru, Master Ninja II
Kan, Lizardman Diviner
Kan, Lizardman Diviner II
Kan, Voice of Fate
Kan, Voice of Fate II
Kangana, the Maelstrom
Kangana, the Maelstrom II
Katiria, Spritemaster
Katiria, Spritemaster II
Katiria Nullblade
Katiria Nullblade II
Kelaino, the Dark Cloud
Kelaino, the Dark Cloud II
Killer Scorpion
Killer Scorpion +
Killer Scorpion II
Killer Scorpion II +
King Argan
Kirin II
Kobold Gatekeeper
Kobold Gatekeeper +
Kobold Gatekeeper II
Kobold Gatekeeper II +
Kojiro, Yojimbo
Kojiro, Yojimbo II
Kotaro, Master Ninja
Kotaro, Master Ninja II
Kotaro II
Kung Fu Monk
Kung Fu Monk +
Kung Fu Monk II
Kung Fu Monk II +
Kurama Tengu
Kurama Tengu II
Kusha, War Princess II
Lamassu II
Lamassu the Merciful
Lamassu the Merciful II
Lamia Mageguard
Lamia Mageguard II
Lamia Spearguard
Lamia Spearguard +
Lamia Spearguard II
Lamia Spearguard II +
Lancewyrm +
Lancewyrm II
Lancewyrm II +
Lanvall, Lizard Cavalier
Lanvall, Lizard Cavalier II
Lanvall, Lizard Knight
Lanvall, Lizard Knight II
Leon, Chaos Chanter
Leon, Chaos Chanter II
Leon, Spell Chanter
Leon, Spell Chanter II
Lia, Gladiator
Lia, Gladiator II
Libuse, Conjurer
Libuse, Conjurer II
Libuse, the Black Queen
Libuse, the Black Queen II
Lich Conjurer
Lich Conjurer II
Lich King
Lich King II
Lich Sorcerer
Lich Sorcerer II
Light Footman
Light Footman +
Light Footman II
Light Footman II +
Lilith, the Night Witch
Lilith, the Night Witch II
Lilith II
Lindworm, Thorn Dragon
Lindworm, Thorn Dragon II
Lindworm, the Black Rose
Lindworm, the Black Rose II
Living Armor
Living Armor +
Living Armor II
Living Armor II +
Living Shield
Living Shield II
Living Sword
Living Sword II
Lizardman Ambusher
Lizardman Ambusher +
Lizardman Ambusher II
Lizardman Ambusher II +
Lizardman Charger
Lizardman Charger +
Lizardman Charger II
Lizardman Charger II +
Lizardman Doctor
Lizardman Doctor II
Lizardman Fleetfoot
Lizardman Fleetfoot +
Lizardman Fleetfoot II
Lizardman Fleetfoot II +
Lizardman Hunter
Lizardman Hunter +
Lizardman Hunter II
Lizardman Hunter II +
Lizardman Intern
Lizardman Intern +
Lizardman Intern II
Lizardman Intern II +
Lizardman Messenger
Lizardman Messenger +
Lizardman Messenger II
Lizardman Messenger II +
Lizardman Tribal Warrior
Lizardman Tribal Warrior +
Lizardman Tribal Warrior II
Lizardman Tribal Warrior II +
Lizardman Warrior
Lizardman Warrior +
Lizardman Warrior II
Lizardman Warrior II +
Longarm Lugh
Longarm Lugh II
Lucia, Petal-Shears
Lucia, Petal-Shears II
Lucia, Stitcher Witch
Lucia, Stitcher Witch II
Lycaon, Wolf King
Lycaon, Wolf King II
Lycaon II
Ma-Gu, Priestess
Ma-Gu, Priestess II
Ma-Gu the Enlightened
Ma-Gu the Enlightened II
Maccus, Ward of the East
Magdal Dragonheart
Magdal Dragonheart II
Magma Giant
Magma Giant II
Makalipon, Sacred Fruit
Makalipon, Sacred Fruit II
Makalipon II
Man-Eating Katsura
Man-Eating Katsura +
Man-Eating Katsura II
Man-Eating Katsura II +
Man-eating Eagle
Man-eating Eagle +
Man-eating Eagle II
Man-eating Eagle II +
Managarmr Frost Touch
Managarmr Frost Touch II
Managarmr II
Manticore II
Marchosias, Pit Beast
Marchosias, Pit Beast II
Margery, Saviour
Margery, Saviour II
Mari the Witch
Marjoriethe Liberator
Marjoriethe Liberator II
Master Ninja
Master Ninja +
Master Ninja II
Master Ninja II +
Master Swordsman
Master Swordsman II
Master Watchape
Master Watchape +
Master Watchape II
Master Watchape II +
Master Zeku
Master Zeku II
Mathilda the Black Widow
Mathilda the Black Widow II
Mathilda the Tarantula
Mathilda the Tarantula II
Mauthe Doog
Mauthe Doog II
Maxe, Crossbowman
Maxe, Crossbowman II
Maxe, the Ballista
Maxe, the Ballista II
Medusa II
Melanippe, Wolfrider
Melanippe, Wolfrider II
Melusine II
Melusine the Witch
Melusine the Witch II
Memesi, Merchant
Merman Sea Guardian
Merman Sea Guardian II
Merman Wave Rider
Merman Wave Rider II
Millidrake II
Minotaur II
Mischievous Impet
Mischievous Impet II
Moh Shuvuu
Moh Shuvuu, the Dread Bride
Moh Shuvuu, the Dread Bride II
Moh Shuvuu II
Monos, Lesser Skull Ape
Montu, God of War
Montu, God of War II
Montu, the Weapon Master
Montu, the Weapon Master II
Mordred, Drake Knight
Moren, Frost Mage
Moren, Frost Mage II
Moren, Rime Mage
Moren, Rime Mage II
Morgan, Cavalier
Morgan, Cavalier II
Morgan the Bold
Morgan the Bold II
Moth Tamer
Moth Tamer +
Moth Tamer II
Moth Tamer II +
Mountain Goat
Mountain Goat II
Mud Golem
Mud Golem +
Mud Golem II
Mud Golem II +
Mummy +
Mummy ++
Mummy II
Mummy II +
Mummy II ++
Mushussu II
Mushussu the Fierce
Mushussu the Fierce II
Mystic Idol
Mystic Idol +
Mystic Idol ++
Mystic Idol II
Mystic Idol II +
Mystic Idol II ++
Naberius II
Naginata Ashigaru
Naginata Ashigaru +
Naginata Ashigaru II
Naginata Ashigaru II +
Naginata Samurai
Naginata Samurai +
Naginata Samurai II
Naginata Samurai II +
Namahage +
Namahage II
Namahage II +
Narl, Djinn
Narl, Djinn II
Narl, Jaan
Narl, Jaan II
Narluce, Knight
Narluce, Knight II
Narluce, Steel Knight
Narluce, Steel Knight II
Neuri, Howling Wolfman
Neuri, Howling Wolfman II
Neuri, Wolfman
Neuri, Wolfman II
Nidhogg, Ice Dragon
Nidhogg, Ice Dragon II
Nightmare Charger
Nightmare Charger II
Nightmare Tapir
Nightmare Tapir II
Nine-tailed Fox
Nine-tailed Fox II
Ninja Apprentice
Ninja Apprentice +
Ninja Apprentice II
Ninja Apprentice II +
Ninja Bladestorm
Ninja Bladestorm +
Ninja Bladestorm II
Ninja Bladestorm II +
Ninja Hawk
Ninja Hawk +
Ninja Hawk II
Ninja Hawk II +
Niu Mo Wang
Niu Mo Wang II
Norda the Fleet
Norda the Fleet II
Norge the Ironclad
Norge the Ironclad II
Nuadha, the Shining Blade
Nuadha, the Shining Blade II
Nuadha II
Nuckelavee II
Nuckelavee Plaguebringer
Nuckelavee Plaguebringer II
Nunu, Hill Giant
Nunu, Hill Giant II
Nunu, Mountain Giant
Nunu, Mountain Giant II
Oberon, Faerie King
Oberon, Faerie King II
Odin II
Odin Stormgod
Odin Stormgod II
Oedipus, Tragic King
Oedipus, Tragic King II
Oedipus, Wandering Warrior
Oedipus, Wandering Warrior II
Ogre Corpse
Ogre Corpsei II
Ogre Giant
Ogre Giant II
Ogre Marrowwalk
Ogre Marrowwalki II
Okuni, Dancer
Okuni, Dancer II
Olitiau, the Great Bat
Olitiau, the Great Bat II
Oni II
Oniroku the Slayer
Oniroku the Slayer II
Oniroku the Unhinged
Oniroku the Unhinged II
Orcish Brute
Orcish Brute +
Orcish Brute II
Orcish Brute II +
Orcish Warrior
Orcish Warrior +
Orcish Warrior II
Orcish Warrior II +
Osame, Priestess
Osame, Priestess II
Osame the Pure
Osame the Pure II
Pabilsag II
Pabilsag Venomclaw
Pabilsag Venomclaw II
Pan II
Pan of the Flute
Pan of the Flute II
Pegasus, the Light Divine
Pegasus, the Light Divine II
Pegasus II
Peluda, the Poison Flame
Peluda, the Poison Flame II
Peluda II
Pendragon, Arbiter
Pendragon, Arbiter II
Pendragon, the Scourge
Pendragon, the Scourge II
Peryton II
Phantom Assassin
Phantom Assassin II
Philoc, Deadly Shadow
Philoc, Deadly Shadow II
Philoc, Leopardman
Philoc, Leopardman II
Pollux, Guardian
Pollux, Guardian II
Pollux, High Guardian
Pollux, High Guardian II
Pontifex Antiquus
Pontifex Antiquus II
Pooka, Faerie
Pooka, Faerie II
Pooka the Glimmering
Pooka the Glimmering II
Pouliquen, Adept
Pouliquen, Adept II
Pouliquen, Archibishop
Pouliquen, Archibishop II
Premyslid, the Black King
Premyslid, the Black King II
Prince Asterios
Prince Asterios II
Princeps, Angel of Blades
Princeps, Angel of Blades II
Princeps, Angel of Doom
Princeps, Angel of Doom II
Prowling Keeper
Prowling Keeper II
Prowling Scarecrow
Prowling Scarecrow II
Pumpkin Knight
Pumpkin Knight II
Queen Echidna
Queen Echidna II
Queen Lamia
Queen Lamia II
Radon, Armored Wyrm
Radon, Armored Wyrm II
Radon, Winged Wyrm
Radon, Winged Wyrm II
Ragan, Harvester
Ragan, Harvester II
Raiju +
Raiju II
Raiju II +
Ramiel, Angel of the Storm
Ramiel, Angel of the Storm II
Randolph, Necromancer
Randolph, Necromancer II
Randolph the Crazed
Randolph the Crazed II
Rapse, Bone Breaker
Rapse, Bone Breaker II
Rapse, the Bloody Horns
Rapse, the Bloody Horns II
Rasiel, Angel All-Knowing
Rasiel, Angel All-Knowing II
Rattlebones II
Raven Tengu
Raven Tengu II
Raving Jiang Shi
Raving Jiang Shi +
Raving Jiang Shi II
Raving Jiang Shi II +
Reaper of the Mirror
Reaper of the Mirror II
Regin, the Brass Mantis
Regin, the Brass Mantis II
Regin, the Clockwork Arm
Regin, the Clockwork Arm II
Rift of Worlds
Rift of Worlds II
Robyn, Centaur Hunter
Robyn, Centaur Hunter II
Robyn, Centaur Trapper
Robyn, Centaur Trapper II
Rodion, Imperial Lord
Roksva, Jewel Master
Roksva, Jewel Master II
Roksva, Jeweller
Roksva, Jeweller II
Rosalba II
Roterose II
Rotting Wyvern
Rotting Wyvern II
Rovn, the Brass Panzer
Rovn, the Brass Panzer II
Saber-Toothed Tiger
Saber-Toothed Tiger +
Saber-Toothed Tiger II
Saber-Toothed Tiger II +
Sahagin Protector
Sahagin Protector +
Sahagin Protector II
Sahagin Protector II +
Sahagin Warrior
Sahagin Warrior +
Sahagin Warrior II
Sahagin Warrior II +
Salamander +
Salamander Cavalier
Salamander Cavalier II
Salamander II
Salamander II +
Sanguine Shade
Santa, Bringer of Death
Santa, Bringer of Death II
Santa, Flesh-Eater
Santa, Flesh-Eater II
Sayuri, Geisha
Sayuri, Geisha II
Sayuri, Sakura Kunoichi
Sayuri, Sakura Kunoichi II
Schlact, The Frost Wolf
Schlact, The Frost Wolf II
Schlact, The War Wolf
Schlact, The War Wolf II
Scorching Marid
Scorching Marid II
Scorpion Tamer
Scorpion Tamer II
Scylla II
Seiten Taisei
Seiten Taisei II
Sekhmet Aflame
Sekhmet Aflame II
Sekhmet II
Sergeant Dwakkey
Sergeant Dwakkey II
Sevia the Keen
Sevia the Keen II
Shackled White Wyrm
Shishi-maru, Ninken
Shishi-maru, Ninken +
Shishi-maru, Ninken II
Shishi-maru, Ninken II +
Shishi-oh, Ninken
Shishi-oh, Ninken II
Shuten-doji II
Siegfried, Sigil Knight
Siegfried, Sigil Knight II
Sir Bedwyr of the Garden
Sir Bedwyr of the Garden II
Sir Bedwyr of the Rose
Sir Bedwyr of the Rose II
Sir Brandiles, the Flameblade
Sir Brandiles, the Flameblade II
Sir Galahad, Road Knight
Sir Galahad, Road Knight II
Sir Kay of Bat Armor
Sir Kay of Bat Armor II
Sir Kay the Golden Bat
Sir Kay the Golden Bat II
Sir Morholt, Everduelist
Sir Morholt, Everduelist II
Sir Morholt, Venomblade
Sir Morholt, Venomblade II
Sir Perceval, Knight-Errant
Sir Perceval, Knight-Errant II
Sita, War Maiden
Sita, War Princess
Sita, War Princess II
Skeleton Spearman
Skeleton Spearman +
Skeleton Spearman II
Skeleton Spearman II +
Skeleton Warrior
Skeleton Warrior +
Skeleton Warrior II
Skeleton Warrior II +
Skull Centipede
Skull Centipede II
Slime +
Slime II
Slime II +
Snow Queen
Snow Queen II
Solsten the Really Wanted
Solsten the Really Wanted II
Son Goku
Son Goku II
Specter of the Mirror
Specter of the Mirror II
Spellforged Cyclops
Spellforged Cyclops II
Sphinx, Deathwatcher
Sphinx, Deathwatcher II
Sphinx II
Spider Tamer
Spider Tamer II
Stalo, Glacial Giant
Stalo, Glacial Giant II
Steamchariot Mk I
Steamchariot Mk II
Steamsteel Automaton
Steamsteel Automaton II
Steamwork Dragon
Stone Golem
Stone Golem +
Stone Golem II
Stone Golem II +
Submissive Tarasca
Submissive Tarasca II
Succubus II
Sulima, Executioner
Sulima, Executioner II
Sulima, Guardsman
Sulima, Guardsman II
Sun-God Lugh
Sun-God Lugh II
Sureshot +
Sureshot II
Sureshot II +
Suzuka, Bandit Chief
Suzuka, Bandit Chief II
Sword Maiden
Sword Maiden +
Sword Maiden II
Sword Maiden II +
Swordsman II
Takshaka, Serpent King
Takshaka, Serpent King II
Tamamo-no-Mae II
Tametomo, Master Archer
Tametomo, Master Archer II
Tametomo II
Tanba, Founder of the Ninja
Tanba, Founder of the Ninja II
Tangata Manu
Tarasca II
Teculoseh, Great Chief
Teculoseh, Great Chief II
Teculoseh, Warrior
Teculoseh, Warrior II
Tepaxtl, Fatal Fang
Tepaxtl, Fatal Fang II
Tepaxtl, Venomous Fang
Tepaxtl, Venomous Fang II
The Black Brute
The Blue Beard
The Flashing Blade
The Flashing Blade II
The God of Thunder
The God of Thunder II
The God of Winds
The God of Winds II
The Golden Lance
The Green Healer
The Grey Mage
The Lion Prince
The Lion Prince II
The Lonesome Knight
The Lonesome Knight II
The Purple Knife
The Red Samurai
The White Knight
Thor, God of Lightning
Thor, God of Lightning II
Thor II
Thunderbird II
Tlahuizcal, Vesper Giant
Tlahuizcal, Vesper Giant II
Tlahuizcal, the Calamity
Tlahuizcal, the Calamity II
Tom Tit Tot
Tom Tit Tot II
Treant +
Tristan the Sorrowful
Tristan the Sorrowful II
Troll Boxer Dreadnought
Troll Boxer Dreadnought II
Troll Slave
Troll Slave +
Troll Slave II
Troll Slave II +
Tundra Magus
Tundra Magus +
Tundra Magus ++
Tundra Magus II
Tundra Magus II +
Tundra Magus II ++
Tuniq, Guardian Colossus
Tuniq, Guardian Colossus II
Tuniq, Northern Colossus
Tuniq, Northern Colossus II
Two-Headed Dragon
Two-Headed Dragon II
Two-Headed Stormwyrm
Two-Headed Stormwyrm II
Typhon II
Unbound Gargoyle
Unbound Gargoyle II
Undead Captain
Undead Captain II
Undead General, Hydarnes
Undead General, Hydarnes II
Undead Warrior
Undead Warrior +
Undead Warrior II
Undead Warrior II +
Undead Wizard
Undead Wizard +
Undead Wizard II
Undead Wizard II +
Unicorn +
Unicorn, Spirit Eater
Unicorn, Spirit Eater II
Unicorn II
Unicorn II +
Uorko Maneater
Uorko Maneater II
Ushi-oni +
Ushi-oni, Yokai
Ushi-oni, Yokai II
Ushi-oni II
Ushi-oni II +
Vengeful Rattlebones
Vengeful Rattlebones II
Vezat, Dragonbone Warrior
Vezat, Dragonbone Warrior II
Vivian Griffinrider
Vivian Griffinrider II
Void Yaksha
Void Yaksha II
Vulcan the Fireclad
Vulcan the Fireclad II
Vulcan the Firewreathed
Vulcan the Firewreathed II
Wailing Banshee
Wailing Banshee II
War Boar
War Boar +
War Boar II
War Boar II +
Warrior Cyclops
Warrior Cyclops II
Watch Owl
Watch Owl +
Watch Owl II
Watch Owl II +
Watchape +
Watchape II
Watchape II +
White Angel
White Angel +
White Angel II
White Angel II +
White Archangel
White Archangel II
White Rosalba
White Rosalba II
Wight Acolyte
Wight Acolyte +
Wight Acolyte II
Wight Acolyte II +
Wight Archmage
Wight Archmage II
Wight Knight
Wight Knight +
Wight Knight II
Wight Knight II +
Wight Mage
Wight Mage +
Wight Mage ++
Wight Mage II
Wight Mage II +
Wight Mage II ++
Wight Monk
Wight Monk II
Wight Ranger
Wight Ranger +
Wight Ranger II
Wight Ranger II +
Wight Warrior
Wight Warrior +
Wight Warrior II
Wight Warrior II +
Wild Boar
Wild Boar +
Wild Boar II
Wild Boar II +
Wledic, Guard Captain
Wledic, Guard Captain II
Wledic, Guardsman
Wledic, Guardsman II
Wolfert, Grave Keeper
Wolfert, Grave Keeper II
Wolfman Savage
Wolfman Savage +
Wolfman Savage II
Wolfman Savage II +
Wolfman Warrior
Wolfman Warrior II
Writhing Corpses
Writhing Corpses +
Writhing Corpses II
Writhing Corpses II +
Wu Chang the Demonic
Wu Chang the Demonic II
Wu Chang the Infernal
Wu Chang the Infernal II
Wynde, Dragonslayer
Wynde, Dragonslayer II
Wynde, Spellblade
Wynde, Spellblade II
Xenobia, Dragonslayer
Xenobia, Dragonslayer II
Xenobia, Subjugator
Xenobia, Subjugator II
Xin Lon, The Blue Dragon
Xin Lon, The Blue Dragon II
Yale, Avatar of the Forest
Yale, Avatar of the Forest II
Yale, Beast of the Forest
Yale, Beast of the Forest II
Ye Xing, the Courtesan
Ye Xing, the Courtesan II
Yeti II
Yeti Watch
Yeti Watch II
Ymir, Primordial Giant
Ymir, Primordial Giant II
Yozan Swiftfoot
Yuki-onna II
Yuki-warashi +
Yuki-warashi II
Yuki-warashi II +
Yukimura, Kiba-Musha
Yukimura, Kiba-Musha II
Yulia, Snakerider
Yulia, Snakerider II
Yulia, Snakesage
Yulia, Snakesage II
Zabagno, Trader
Zabbak the Eight-Sickles
Zabbak the Eight-Sickles II
Zabbak the Six-Sickles
Zabbak the Six-Sickles II
Zagan II
Zampson, Firecaptain
Zampson, Firefighter
Zampson, Firefighter II
Zanga, Dragonian Knight
Zanga, Dragonian Knight II
Zanga, the Iron Storm
Zanga, the Iron Storm II
Zeku II
Ziraiya, Master Ninja
Ziraiya, Master Ninja II
Ziz, Wings Divine
Ziz, Wings Divine II
Ziz II
Zmey II
Zoa, Berserker
Zoa, Berserker II
Zombie Berserker
Zombie Berserker II
Zombie Dragon
Zombie Dragon II
Zombie Soldier
Zombie Soldier +
Zombie Soldier II
Zombie Soldier II +
Zuniga, Guard Captain
Zuniga, Guard Captain II


Highest single target potential PHYSICAL familiars

Denki the Raven II132838 ( 2 x 66419 )
Hollofernyiges II127058 ( 3 x 42353 )
Vivian Griffinrider II112461 ( 3 x 37487 )
The Black Brute111550 ( 1 x 111550 )
Doppeladler II111375 ( 3 x 37125 )
Hel, Goddess of Death II108342 ( 3 x 36114 )
Cursebone Pterosaur II102782 ( 4 x 25696 )
Infested Peryton II97138 ( 3 x 32379 )
Kangana, the Maelstrom II93750 ( 2 x 46875 )
Fomor the Savage II87871 ( 2 x 43936 )
Hraesvelg, Corpse Feaster II87360 ( 5 x 17472 )
Takshaka, Serpent King II87018 ( 3 x 29006 )
Ira, Hypnotic Specter II86935 ( 2 x 43468 )
Cuelebre the Ironscaled II86918 ( 6 x 14486 )
Stalo, Glacial Giant II83028 ( 3 x 27676 )
Apocalyptic Beast II81483 ( 3 x 27161 )
Void Yaksha II81059 ( 6 x 13510 )
Baal, Thunder Lord of Hell II78831 ( 3 x 26277 )
Rapse, the Bloody Horns II77620 ( 2 x 38810 )
Desna, Mythic Wendigo II76951 ( 3 x 25650 )

Highest AOE potential PHYSICAL familiars

Rovn, the Brass Panzer II171774 ( 5 x 34355 )
The Golden Lance136802 ( 5 x 27360 )
Sir Brandiles, the Flameblade II135750 ( 5 x 27150 )
Denki the Raven II132838 ( 2 x 66419 )
Hollofernyiges II127058 ( 3 x 42353 )
Tangata Manu124800 ( 5 x 24960 )
Dharva Fangclad II123414 ( 5 x 24683 )
Vezat, Dragonbone Warrior II122614 ( 5 x 24523 )
Ymir, Primordial Giant II121770 ( 3 x 40590 )
Tristan the Sorrowful II121448 ( 5 x 24290 )
Cyclops, the Rocky Cliff II120029 ( 5 x 24006 )
Wolfert, Grave Keeper II119860 ( 5 x 23972 )
Montu, God of War II114795 ( 5 x 22959 )
Farwal the Glutton II114795 ( 5 x 22959 )
Vivian Griffinrider II112461 ( 3 x 37487 )
The Black Brute111550 ( 1 x 111550 )
Doppeladler II111375 ( 3 x 37125 )
Hel, Goddess of Death II108342 ( 3 x 36114 )
Merman Wave Rider II107764 ( 5 x 21553 )
Gangaruda the Destroyer II106826 ( 5 x 21365 )

Highest single target potential MAGIC familiars

Tanba, Founder of the Ninja II157201 ( 3 x 52400 )
Premyslid, the Black King II120141 ( 4 x 30035 )
Pontifex Antiquus II115737 ( 3 x 38579 )
Rasiel, Angel All-Knowing II102333 ( 5 x 20467 )
Haokah, the Lightning Brave II101301 ( 3 x 33767 )
Gathgoic the Other II96919 ( 6 x 16153 )
Marchosias, Pit Beast II89117 ( 4 x 22279 )
Alluring Merrow II87685 ( 2 x 43843 )
Ijiraq, the Glacier II85426 ( 6 x 14238 )
Grellas Fellstaff II83395 ( 4 x 20849 )
Odin Stormgod II80617 ( 6 x 13436 )
Amphisbaena II79420 ( 2 x 39710 )
The Grey Mage77425 ( 1 x 77425 )
Regin, the Brass Mantis II72648 ( 3 x 24216 )
Astaroth, Duke of Fear II68752 ( 3 x 22917 )
Iseult the Redeemer II63460 ( 4 x 15865 )
Melusine the Witch II61027 ( 3 x 20342 )
Gregoire, Weaponmaster II59418 ( 4 x 14855 )
Tom Tit Tot II57740 ( 3 x 19247 )
Ramiel, Angel of the Storm II57358 ( 5 x 11472 )

Highest AOE potential MAGIC familiars

Cap'n Jolly, Sea Scourge II170604 ( 5 x 34121 )
Garuda II158140 ( 5 x 31628 )
Tanba, Founder of the Ninja II157201 ( 3 x 52400 )
Amon, Marquis of Blaze II148610 ( 5 x 29722 )
Two-Headed Stormwyrm II144892 ( 5 x 28978 )
Managarmr Frost Touch II138866 ( 5 x 27773 )
Sekhmet Aflame II135977 ( 5 x 27195 )
Mari the Witch133700 ( 5 x 26740 )
Grim Executioner II130254 ( 5 x 26051 )
Steamwork Dragon122400 ( 5 x 24480 )
Premyslid, the Black King II120141 ( 4 x 30035 )
Pontifex Antiquus II115737 ( 3 x 38579 )
Danzo, Falcon Ninja II113952 ( 3 x 37984 )
Flame Dragon II113648 ( 3 x 37883 )
Undead General, Hydarnes II106369 ( 3 x 35456 )
Snow Queen II105080 ( 3 x 35027 )
Crystal Gillant II104391 ( 5 x 20878 )
Thor, God of Lightning II103812 ( 3 x 34604 )
Rasiel, Angel All-Knowing II102333 ( 5 x 20467 )
Haokah, the Lightning Brave II101301 ( 3 x 33767 )
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