Phobia is complete!

After much work and thought, we came up with a way to improve upon the old look and feel of the game. I got busy implementing soft edges on the spot lights, adding rim lighting to most objects (optional via level editor), implementing glow maps, and adding a color correction layer. Now the game looks gorgeous and I couldn’t be more proud of the work I’ve done.

The scare itself has been revamped and another key feature that I’ve gotten into the game is the use of cinematic cut scenes triggered by different events in each level. I also enjoy the popping of the lights as you scare children which I put in. Please, enjoy the game, everyone on the team put an enormous amount of work into this to make it what it is now.

Download Phobia

Phobia looks much nicer thanks to the glow, rim lighting, and color correction shaders I implemented

Phobia demonstrates a culmination three years worth of knowledge from DigiPen Institute of Technology. This was my Junior Game Project, I was one of 5 programmers dedicated to Phobia. I created the tool used to generate our beautiful levels and work very close with the artists and help them get art assets into the game. I am also responsible for more than half the lua script written for Phobia so far. I implemented a simple 2D physics engine using a grid based spatial partitioner to speed up the process. I also created the UI system we use in Phobia which requires me to work very closely with the two graphics programmers on our team.

Phobia Level Editor

The Level Editor I have written for Phobia is always evolving and new features are always being added. The user interface was written in lua and uses the UI system I created. From lua I send messages to C++ to do all of the hard backend work of the Editor. This tool is usable by our whole team and our artists as well.


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